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Mr Maurice McKendry, Netherton Homing Society. FSS5, the old program, was good but the new one, FSS6 is very good.

Mr Archie McIntyre, Ayrshire. Many thanks again for your continual support with your software and may I say, your customer care is excellent.

Mr D Gill, Saltmarsh Iam well pleased with the Dog Pedigree System, it is easy to use, does far more than I expected and is just excellent.

Bob Crockett, Denton Island Indoor Bowling Club - I have been using the Bowls League Organiser for a number of years.  It is a most successful and easy programme for League Secretaries to use. Back up is friendly and first class

Mr Ian Claridge, Pontyclun - (About FSS)Thank you for your superb customer service and the great response to the problem with certificate printing. Today I started to print them and have had no problems at all.

Mr D A Murphy, Plymouth - Your pedigrees are the best I've seen - so professional, and the system is very user-friendly.

Ronald Stevens, Persanminet Cattery - I can't remember having this sort of service from anyone ever before. Your company is the greatest, many many thanks. Anyone who wants a personal recommendation is also welcome to e-mail me at highlite145@msn.com

Mr E A Davies, Porth - I have had your Loft Management System from the very beginning and with each upgrade, it has got better. I am more than pleased with it. Thank you very much.

Mr M J Rowney, Reading - (About LMS V8) I look forward to receiving the new version as I have found previous versions to be most reliable and easy to use

Mrs J P, Crayford - I'd like to let you know how impressed I am with the programme.  I have just finished an HND in computing, and was considering trying to write something myself in Java for the club.  But I'm not going to re-invent the wheel when yours does the job perfectly.

Mrs E E M Butterworth, Haddington - Your race result system is really excellent, especially when you look back on all the work that used to go into getting a result out to the members. Congratulations to you both.

Mr F C K, Surrey - I find the software excellent and really easy to use, keep up the good work.

Mr A Hilton, Leigh - It's a belter. The best I've ever seen.

Mr & Mrs J, Wrexham - We find your system first class, perfect for what we require.

Mr C Feast, Kent - Version 4 - Yes please!

Mr E Jones, by e-mail - I received my copy of Loft Managment System v4 yesterday and I am writing to say how pleased I am with it. I am already finding the ratings system a great help, and it's so quick to see which birds are coming on and which are not.

Mr C J Stone, Dorset - the best system I have ever seen.

Mr S, Manchester - I am very happy with the system and I have recommended it to anyone who has asked me after seeing the excellent pedigrees it produces.

Mrs S, Co Durham - As we are very impressed by your Loft Management System, we would like to upgrade it to version 4

C J L, Blackburn - LMS is by far the best system that I have seen implemented for the fancier and I am sure the new version 5 must rank as the best that is now available at an affordable cost to meet most pockets.

Mr S, Cheshire - I love it. When can I have the upgrade?

Mr J, Hartlepool - I think it's great.

Clive Kent, Stamford (Cage Bird System) Thank you for the latest update,  Very impressed with the way you dealt with my problem, it does you credit indeed. Many thanks for a really good program

George Westwood, Worcestershire & District Fed - Your latest mod to FSS5 is brilliant. It saved me a lot of cutting and pasting. This program is as near perfect as you will get it. There is no other on the market today that can compare. After trying the rest this is the best.

S H & E Butterworth, Haddington - We are extremely indebted to East Coast Software for their expertise. We would recommend their systems to anyone.

Mr Steve Radcliffe, Skelmersdale - I have tried four different Loft Management Systems and yours is by far the easiest to use. It is great.

Mr I K Claridge, Pontyclun - (about LMS) I was already impressed with previous versions but V8 is even better, easier. It is the best of all the programs available.  I shall recommend the program to other fanciers.

Steve Hancock, Eagle River, Alaska - Received my new program Monday (LMS 8) and it is great! You guys do excellent work.  Thanks again.

Mr K Gratton, Spalding.- let me thank you for your very efficient after sales service in

helping me to solve my problems with my computer.

Mr Ron Stevens, Northfleet, Kent - I think that your cat pedigree program is the cats whiskers, equal to one very expensive one that I tested some time ago. All I can say is brilliant!!!!

Mr G R Fayle, Ipswich Invitation Club - Your FSS has revolutionised our results. We get results instantly. It is brilliant.

Mr J Fielden, Knottingley - Your race results program Version 4 is so user friendly. I just entered the data, and it printed the result. So easy.

Mr S, Somerset - I have been very pleased to use the Loft Management System and the addition of columns for inner and outer rubbers will be well received.

Mr N, Wetherby - As a novice in computing, I have really enjoyed version 4. It is quite easy to follow and has interesting features. I am looking forward to version 5.

Mr F Fleming, Rochdale - I am delighted with your system.

Mr T, Waxholme - Thank you very much for a first class system.

Mr B, Gwent - I am very pleased with version 3 so any improvement would be good news!

Mr C, Oxford - I think it's great

Mr M Wilkinson, Barnsley - the Loft Management System cannot be bettered. If anyone wants to ring me on 01226 726593 I'll tell them how good it is.

Mr T Stares, Cleveland - Superb.

Mr J Rogers, Cardiff - I like the way you do business. Free bugfix sent without asking, notified of upgrades.

Mr J S Davenport, Clwd - a thank you letter to BHW - if anyone is ever thinking of buying loft management software, give East Coast Software a ring. The system is good.

Mr Charlie Meadows, Fraserburgh - I found no defects in the Loft Management System and I do recommend it to any fancier small team or large

Mr H, Cumbria - The program runs like a dream and is very good indeed.