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Computer software for the league secretary

Version 4

East Coast Software would like to introduce you to a system designed for the league secretary.

Automatic update feature keeps this version of software up to date with any additions or changes. An internet connection is required for this feature.

Enter your League definition. Specify whether it is a round-robin (RR) or knockout (KO) league. If it is a KO then specify the type of seeding to use, advantage or equitable. Define the number of players in a team, for individual leagues this entry is '1'. If your league is a 'RR' specify whether this is a split league and enter number of times you repeat matches to be able to play for a full season. Specify period (DAYS) between matches, duration of and the start time of matches. For multiple rink matches specify the number of rinks used by each team. These are used to calculate round dates when the matches are calculated by the software.

Add a New League wizard, which simplifies the addition of a league by sequencing the three operations required. Enter league definition, enter competitors let the software calculate the matches.

Enter the players names, team names and make-up of teams. These can then be printed for distribution. The 'Organiser' software calculates matches and round dates. The calculated round dates can be adjusted. Rink numbers can be calculated by the system or entered manually later. Rink numbers are then included in the match printout. If you have more teams entered in a league or competition than there are rinks available the system will generate session dates where the available rink space is maximised.

Enter match results. Match results are entered on a simple entry form.

For 'RR' leagues a league table, which is calculated from your points definition i.e. two points for a win, one for a draw and none for losing can be displayed and printed. All results can be printed for distribution. An 'HTM' file can also be generated containing the league table which can be uploaded to the club web site. The league table can also be saved as a word document with the option of attaching this document to an email for distribution.

With 'RR' leagues any league can have up to 9 divisions. The teams/individuals entered into this league can be ‘seeded’ the top seeds go into the top divisions. The number of teams/individuals entered in each division can be set and all the matches are calculated at the same time and rinks allocated. You can also have ‘play-offs’ between the top teams in each division.

HTM files can also be generated for league entries, matches and results for display on a web site. These HTM files can also be optionally attached to an email for distribution.

A rink booking system is included which displays the rinks booked for each day. These are listed in time and rink order. The facility to reserve rinks is included here. Rink reservations need to be made before matches are calculated by the software. A day-sheet can also be printed for the selected day, which shows the rinks available for booking as well as the rinks booked

The software will also cater for home and away competitions such as county matches or inter club competitions with matches played at more than one venue. For these matches a fixture list can be generated for each team.

Score cards can also be printed either as blank cards with no match information on or as match specific with the opponents, rink number, date and time of each match. Score card labels are also available, which include match specific information about opponents, rink number, date and time of each match.

A reminder/diary is included which is also used to enter dates to be avoided when calculating matches, bank holidays, days when your centre is closed etc.

A 'Contacts' feature is included to keep track of names addresses and phone numbers of other match secretaries and team captains. These lists can be printed for distribution to players/team captains or used to print address labels.

The date format used in the software is selectable.

Added features for version 4 are :

A selectable  report font.

An ‘Autobackup’, which runs every time the software is closed. It must be pointed out that it is still advisable to have an independent backup in case of disk failures.

Version 4 requires Windows  XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.

The 'BOWLS LEAGUE ORGANISER' is £20 per copy.

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Last revised: October 18, 2017.

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